Chris Finnen

Hoy Hoy! and Chris Finnen Band (and exclusive book launch with David Sly)

Chris Finnen

Hoy Hoy! and Chris Finnen Band (and exclusive book launch with David Sly)

One of South Australia’s gem stones of musicianship. Chris Finnen was born 24th December 1952 Sussex England and migrated to Australia in 1967. Radio, the popular music of the day and his father’s extensive record collection were his early musical influences. The raw honesty of the blues is the lifeblood coursing through Chris Finnen’s music.

Over four decades travelling as a troubadour journey man has seen Chris Finnen often referred to as the guitarist’s guitarist’. Chris brings a wry twist to his original blues song writing, adding sly humour to lyrics, focusing on the musing of everyday experiences, and embracing a strong sense of community.

His restless musical curiosity has seen him embrace a tapestry of varied cultural influences, weaving the sounds of India, Celtic traditions, and African nation’s into his music.

As part of this event, the Chris Finnen Band will play a set, with one of the best rythym sections around with Trapper on drums and Micheal Winter on bass.

At this even Chris will be launhing his new book “Finnenisms” with interviews by David Sly along with Special Guests Hoy Hoy!

Hoy Hoy!

After 27years of gigging and a retirement Hoy-Hoy! came out of retirement to feature at the 2023 Port Noarlunga Blues Festival.
All went well and the response to the mix of originals and covers went over well -it was as though the band had not taken a break.

Hoy-Hoy! are back and as a four piece band now featuring
Chris Finnen on guitar
Gabriel Chammah on sax
long time drummer Hoy-Hoy! drummer Trapper, and
Frank Lang on vocals bass.

Frank Lang presents a Hoy-Hoy! Retrospective.
From the Entertainment Centre to the Semaphore Workers Club the band is famous for a great time, and a good sound
Get a ticket for the experience and come join them.

Hoy-Hoy! Everybody